Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 10 journals in Management, Finance & Economics

The latest edition (2011) of the Journal Citation Reports has just been released. Academics can use this tool to rank several journals in different disciplines according to various fields such as Total Cites, Immediacy Index, Impact Factor and more.
Top 10 Journals in Management by Impact Factor
  1. Academy of management review
  2. Academy of Management Journal
  3. Academy of Management Learning & Education
  4. Journal of  Management
  5. Academy of Management Annals
  6. MIS Quarterly
  7. Journal of Operation Management
  8. Organization Science
  9. Journal of Applied Psychology
  10. Journal of Management Studies
Top 10 Journals in Finance by Impact Factor
  1. Review of Financial Studies
  2. Journal of  Finance
  3. Journal of Financial Economics
  4. Journal Accounting & Economics
  5. Accounting  Organizations and Society
  6. Journal of Banking and Finance
  7. Accounting Review
  8. Journal of Accounting Research
  9. IMF Economic Review
  10. Review of  Accounting Studies
Top 10 Journals in Economics by Impact Factor
  1. Journal of Economic Literature
  2. Quarterly Journal of Economics
  3. Review of Financial Studies
  4. Journal of  Finance
  5. Journal of Economic Perspectives
  6. Economic Geography
  7. American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics
  8. Journal of Financial Economics
  9. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
  10. Journal Accounting & Economics

The Journal Impact Factor is defined as the number of citations in 2011 to items published in the previous two years, divided by the total number of items published in those same two years. 

For more categories and variables INSEAD users can login here.
Note: once on the platform, Business, Management, Finance, Economics and Psychology related fields are within the Social Sciences Edition -- Operations Research & Management is within the Science Edition.

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