Thursday, February 11, 2016

Journal Impact Factor: what - or who - makes a citable item?

In this article from The Scholarly Kitchen, Phil Davis makes a suggestion for an algorithm driven process in determining what makes an item citatable or not. The goal would be to remove human bias as much as possible in selecting what Thomson Reuters considers a citable item.

Citable items are part of the calculations used to create the Journal Impact Factor of academic publications.

Citable Items: The Contested Impact Factor Denominator

Monday, February 1, 2016

The teaching score: a new metric?

This article from the New York Times present the Open Syllabus Project

The Syllabus Explorer tool lets users search 1 million syllabi, used in the past 10 years, mostly in the US and English speaking countries, and presents a teaching score metric:
"Teaching Score’ (TS) is a numerical indicator of the frequency with which a particular work is taught. Overall Teaching Score is based on the rank of the text among citations in the total collection;"
Top 3 textbooks for Business:

Top 3 textbooks all fields combined: 

96 things publishers do...

Guest post on the The Scholarly Kitchen blog from Ken Anderson.

Top 5:

  1. Audience/field detection and cultivation.
  2. Journal launch and registration 
  3. Create and establish a viable brand
  4. Make money and remain a constant in the system of scholarly output.
  5. Plan and create strategies for the future